by Malcolm Jolley

Surely if we start drinking patio wines now, then the sun will cooperate and dry-out our soggy province. One such warm evening, aperitif sipper that’s under $20 and part of the massive Australian promotion at the LCBO this month: Shingleback’s 2009 Haycutters Sauvignon Blanc Semillon. If you’re following GFR’s Jamie Drummond as he treks across the Ozzy continent, looking for expressions of terroir and the new guard of food-friendly, modern Australian wine, then watch out for his visit to this winery in the Adelaide Hills.

2009 Shingleback ‘Haycutters’ Sauvingon Blanc Semmillon, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Australia (LCBO General List #207365 – $17.95)
Outside of Bordeaux, no wine making country produces more Semmillon-based wines than Australia. In this case the grape is classically blended with Bordeaux’s other great white grape, Sauvignon Blanc to make a crisp, lemony, light wine. North American palates, like mine, who are used to the gooseberry and passion fruit profile of so much New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, will enjoy the refreshing line of bight citrussy acidity that brings water to the mouth. This wine is a perfect aperitif wine – preferably on a patio on a warm evening.