By Andrew Hanna for Hanna and Sons, another certified “Good Food Fighter

It is hard to contain my enthusiasm when talking about Champagne. There is something so purely refreshing and enjoyable and celebratory about popping to cork from a bottle of great Champagne. While admittedly a bit of an indulgence, Champagne is one of those rare drinks that just seems to make even the smallest occasion better.

Ayala has a long history in Champagne dating back to the mid-1800s. However, 2005 represented an important change for this old house, when it was acquired by the neighbouring (and iconic) Champagne Bollinger.

Since 2005, Ayala has been on an exciting trajectory, celebrating something of a renaissance as a producer of some of the most talked about and recognized Champagnes you can buy. With a strong focus on extra dry (or low dosage) Champagnes, Ayala has emerged as the leader in this increasingly popular style.

These Champagnes are the ultimate aperitif, while also offering a wide range of food pairing options. Simply stated, Ayala can be summed up in five words: Purity, Freshness, Finesse, Precision & Elegance.

Rather than reading about our Wine of the Week, you can now tune in to the video edition:

If you haven’t had the chance to try Ayala, I would stongly encourage you to run (don’t walk!) to your nearest LCBO shop today. Don’t wait for the “right” celebration to open this delicious wine – head home and create something worth celebrating so you can enjoy this wine without delay!

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Andrew A. Hanna

Director Sales & Marketing

John Hanna & Sons Ltd.