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Zoltan’s Notes on Two Spearhead Beers

Zoltan Spearhead
It’s well known that the wine trade has an affinity, if not an outright thirst, for beer. This rule is embodied in longstanding cellar joke (and its variants) that “it takes a lot of beer to make good wine”. Super-sommelier and friend of Good Food Revolution Zoltan Szabo is no exception to the rule, so I wasn’t at all surprised when he brought suds to the latest filming of Zoltan’s Notes.

In the video below, Zoltan sips and talks about two beers from his friends at Spearhead Brewing Company. Spearhead is likely best known for their ‘Hawaiian Style Pale Ale” that is made in part with pineapples, but their innovative line of beers has expanded as they’ve grown. Here, Zoltan tastes the Sam Roberts Band Session Ale and the Belgian Style Stout and gives us his notes.

Can’t see the video? Please click here.

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