Patricia Noonan presents five essential tools for your at home bar…

We’re all  in our own self isolating bubbles at home so having the tools you need to offer snazzy drink options for loved ones means one thing; making sure you have the essential tools for your at-home bar. While a well stocked bar is always a good thing, learning what tools are a ‘bar chefs’ best friend will have you mixing drinks like a pro. Sooner or later, we all hope to have guests over, so for your next soiree, make sure you have these five essentials and practice at home!

Shot glass or jigger
A standard measuring glass or a jigger is an absolute must. If you are mixing a cocktail with several ingredients, it just doesn’t pay in the flavor department by taking a wild guess at amounts. A measuring glass that bar professionals use has lines on the glass with different measures.

Cocktail shaker
There are two types of cocktail shakers. A three part shaker has a metal cap with a removable lid with a strainer that is built into it. The professional cocktail strainer is a three part affair too. It consists of a glass shaker with a large metal cup and a strainer known as a Hawthorne strainer. After the ingredients are put into the glass shaker, the metal top is put on at a slight angle. Shake the drink, remove the glass and fit the Hawthorne strainer over the metal cup to pour the drink out.

Long handled bar spoon
This specialty spoon is for the ‘stir’ technique, which is typically used when making martinis and Manhattans. It’s also useful when you need to create a layered effect. The back of the spoon is employed to pour the spirits or other liquid ingredient gently onto the ingredients in a glass, to create a layered look.

This tool is an absolute must for making any type of cocktail that requires fruit, herbs and/or bar bitters with sugar. The muddling tool works like a pestle, by releasing the essential oils in herbs and fruit peels and blending these essences with  bitters or sugar before the rest of the drink ingredients are added. Classic cocktails that make use of this tool are mojitos, caipirinhas, and that Mad Men classic, the Old Fashioned. 

Scoop or tongs
So you have an ice bucket or sink set up with ice…but you can’t just dig into the ice with your bare hands. That’s unsanitary! A scoop makes you look like a pro, so make sure you have one at hand! 

These items and bar kits can be purchased online at Here’s to raising a glass!