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Atwater Market

It was difficult not to grab something of everything

Not being that familiar with Montreal many friends had recommended that I visit one of the city’s many famous markets. After checking out a few of them online I decided to jump on my Bixi bike and make a journey to the Atwater Market.

Despite it being one of Montreal’s smaller markets I was seriously impressed with the selection of local produce in the stalls surrounding the market as well as the meats and cheeses on offer in the market’s interior… I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store.

Since arriving in Toronto around 16 years ago I had always been particularly fond of St. Lawrence Market, but upon my visit to Atwater I suddenly occurred to me that Toronto could learn a thing or two about markets from Montreal. Quite often I am so disappointed with the selection at St. Lawrence market as so much of it comes directly from the Food Terminal, much flying in from the US or South America.There were a handful of imported fruits and vegetables at the Atwater market, but the vast majority for sale in the farmers’ stalls was from Quebec and clearly labelled as such.

Also, don’t miss the Singaporean street food from Satay Brothers… just don’t do what I did and smuggle your own beer in. Whoops!

Next up, a visit to the mighty Jean Talon Market.

  • Cerises de Terre and Red and White Cranberries
  • Fresh Local Garlic
  • Multicoloured Local Beets
  • So much beautiful produce at the Atwater Market
  • Local Berries Galore!
  • The colours of the local berries were spellbinding
  • It was difficult not to grab something of everything
  • We were looking for local wild blueberries for clafouti
  • And we found them!
  • There was lots of local corn for sale
  • Inside the Atwater market it is a different scene altogether
  • So much delicious looking lamb
  • The prepared/marinated meats looked fantastic
  • And the duck confit looked pretty good also
  • More parfaits, terrines, and pates than you could shake a stick at
  • Ahhhhh... Black Pudding
  • A stellar array of interesting sausages
  • And these Ballotine looked... well... good enough to eat
  • More marinating meats
  • A great selection of dry sausages too
  • And then we met a parrot who liked to eat watermelon
  • Jen from Foodpron recommended we try out Satay Brothers
  • Satay Brothers' Menu
  • Personally I cannot drink this stuff... smells like the breath of an old dog
  • The Chicken Laska was delicious
  • And the peanut sauce with the pork satay was just as good as Jen had mentioned
  • Kueh Salat for dessert


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Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And he could have spent a great deal of  $$$ at the Atwater Market.

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