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Dorie Greenspan Interview

Dorie Greenspan is a James Beard Award winning pastry chef and cookbook author, famously former colleague and friend of Julia Child, and a food blogging pioneer – her website, like its namesake, is equally loved and respected. Born in Brooklyn, Greenspan has had a love affair with Paris for 30 years, and has kept a flat there for nearly 15. She came to Toronto this week to promote her first book of savoury recipes, Around My French Table, and I was delighted to catch up with her once again to film the videocast below. If there is someone more passionate about the joie de vivre of eating well, I have not met them and I have no apologies for gushing over this gastronomic treasure…

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Mr. Bourdain Comes To Hogtown

Happily munching on Chef Anthony Rose’s suckling pig and foie gras sandwiches and drawing steadily on an ever present pint of Creemore (he adapts quickly to local custom, Bourdain), the man of the hour was the epitome of calm and cool. And friendly and funny and pretty much just like the character on his television shows and the narrative voice in his books. There are few things as pleasingly life affirming than finding out your hero is a decent guy.

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Michele Genest’s Cuisine Yukonnaise

Michele Genest explained to me the three components that make the Yukon food scene unique and special: 1) the proliferation of market gardens, 2) an ingrained culture of berry picking and 3) the abundance of game. There you have it: hunting, gathering and small scale agriculture all wrapped together.

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How I Have Been Working Hard For You – A Food Writer’s Diary

The food writer’s life is punctuated by some very pleasant episodes. More often than not, invitations to these episodes come from publicists and PR professionals, wishing to drum up some press for their restaurateur clients. We craven, ink-stained wretches are often more than happy to accept these invitations, as our schedules allow, on the dual grounds that: a) there may be a story in it, and b) it sounds like fun.

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But l’apero, is not quite a cocktail, and at 17% alcohol by volume two icy glasses of Lillet do not pose the same danger as two generously poured Martinis. One drinks an aperitif like Lillet in expectation of the wine that will come with dinner; it’s simply a small kickstart to a full evening’s gustatory programming, like the olives, charcuterie or other hors d’oeuvres with which it might be served as a prelude to whatever meal the evening holds.

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