Beau’s All Natural Brewing was awarded seven medals on May 30th, at the 20th edition of Mondial de la Bière in Montreal. The prizes recognize the brewery’s top-notch beer, creative design, and their ongoing enthusiastic participation in the international beer festival. Held annually, the festival attracts nearly 100,000 people and with 120 breweries exhibiting from around the world, is one of the largest in North America.

Beau’s Burnt Rock Vanilla Porter received 1 of the 11 Gold medals handed out as part of the Mondial beer competition; several hundred entries from around the globe competed. Burnt Rock Vanilla Porter was brewed collaboratively with Patrick Boisvenue as part of Beau’s Pro-Am Series (a collection of beers brewed by Beau’s, designed in tandem with homebrewers). A bourbon-barrel-aged version of Burnt Rock recently received a Bronze medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards in Victoria, BC.

Beau’s was also honoured with five medals for design and label illustrations in the Design Contest. A total of 57 breweries from 4 countries participated in the competition. Judges were inspired to create a new Platinum award for overall design, after having been impressed by the quality of the labels Beau’s submitted to the competition.

“The jury is proud to give the Platinum prize to Beau’s All Natural Brewing. We were impressed by the quality of the design and the illustrations. With its bottles, Beau’s is a perfect example of label storytelling. A rigorous typography and good information design, along with [a] variety of fun illustrations allows [one] to appreciate each separate product, but within a strong and cohesive series,” explained design competition judge Sylvain Allard, a professor at the School of Design at the University of Québec in Montreal. Beau’s was also recognized with four more design medals:

“Wow! I’m so overwhelmed by these wins. I’m very proud of every single member of the Beau’s family for their role in achieving this, and personally quite humbled to share the awards with the other talented winners,” says Beau’s co-founder Steve Beauchesne.

Beau’s received another honour at Mondial de la Bière when the brewery received a “Bock d’Or.” The award was presented to recognize Beau’s enthusiasm and participation in the festival each year, and for consistently providing a good product for festival-goers.

These awards follow closely on several others Beau’s has recently celebrated: 4 medals at the Canadian Brewing Awards, 2 packaging design awards from Canada’s Applied Arts magazine, and 2 awards for business practices at the Prescott-Russell Excellence Awards.

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