Ranger Wines presents Bella sparkling wine from the Naramata Bench…


Ranger Wine is delighted to offer more delicious Bella Sparkling Wines for summer enjoyment. These wines are pleasure in a glass and perfect for seasonal fare or on their own for summer afternoons or evening.

Located on the stunning Naramata Bench, Jay Drysdale and partner Wendy Rose have a loyal and loving following who believe in their vision that great wines come from fully sustainable, organic agriculture derived from single vineyard sites throughout the Okanagan Valley. Their farm and vineyard features a diverse array of agriculture that includes geese, ducks and pigs who keep it all real! Here’s Jay on the 2020 wines:

‘Typically, we pick the fruit for sparkling earlier in the season (late August to mid September). We had an unseasonable wet May and June which meant the vine foliage bolted with growth. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the heat units in June, due to the wet whether, that normally kicks off the fruit growth season. Because of this, ripening took longer and we didn’t start harvest until September and were still picking fruit in mid-October! Definitely a first for us. This extended hang time meant the skins were darker and thicker and therefore we extracted more colour from the same amount of skin/juice contact time as seen in previous years. Expect your favourite pink bubbles to have a darker hue this year.’

Wines on Offer

2020 Bella Sparkling Wines Blanc de Blanc King’s Vineyard

$44.95 per bottle (case of six bottles $269.70 plus HST and deposit 20 cents per bottle)

A traditionally made Blanc de Blanc, 100% Chardonnay sourced from a single vineyard site in Penticton. Lemongrass, apricot and yeasty notes with a lively citrus finish. A limited amount of 375 ml bottles are available in cases of 12 at $26.95 per bottle plus tax and deposit. We call these lovelies Baby Bella.

2020 Bella Sparkling Wines B2 Buddha’s Blend Sparkling Rosé

$44.95 per bottle (case of six bottles $269.70 plus HST and deposit 20 cents per bottle)

Composed of 50 % Chardonnay and 50% Gamay from eight vineyards and named after the wineries’ concierge, Buddha the bulldog, this is a truly lovely, tropical yet restrained traditionally made sparkler. A limited amount of Baby B2 is available for $26.95 per bottle in cases of 12 plus tax and deposit.

Orders require a 25% deposit for delivery in mid to late July. Price may vary slightly due to LCBO mark up and shipping. Orders close June 28.

To order please email us at info@rangerwine.com. We can’t wait to get these beautiful wines into your glass this summer!

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