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Big Bottle of Amalfi Aperitivo

Malcolm Jolley goes beyond the spritz with Bruno Codispoti…

The Codispoti brothers, Bruno and Davide, are at it again at their Distilleria Amalfi & Co., just north of Toronto. Last spring they launched their ‘ready-to-drink’ Amalfi Aperitivo Spritz, a single serving bottle of locally made refreshment. This year, they’ve paired it down to just the aperitivo liqueur and put it in a big 750 ml bottle and have launched Distilleria Amalfi & Co. Aperitivo Liqueur ($26.95 until July 21 | LCBO# 19417), or ‘Amalfi Aperitivo’ for short. I caught up with Bruno Codispoti to talk about how the aperitivo tastes and how it’s made in the interview below.

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