Malcolm Jolley talks to Lauren Baker and Leticia Deawuo about Black Creek Community Farm…

Leticia Deawuo at Black Creek Community Farm from the Earth To Tables film Healing Our Community.

Last week was the COVID launch and 2020 version of Toronto’s Planet in Focus Film Festival, which is to say it’s all virtual and streaming. One of the short films featured in the festival is of particular interest to GFR, especially as it reminds us of our roots in the good food movement. Just 10 minutes long, Black Creek Community Farm: Healing Our Community shows the work of farm director Leticia Deawuo and her team of farmers and volunteers on the eight acre farm at Finch and Jane. The short is, in turn a project of long time Ontario food activist and academic Dr. Lauren Baker’s Earth to Tables Legacies series.

I talked to Baker and Deawuo recently on Zoom to find out more about Black Creek Community Farm, their work and the film, and out of our conversation we shot the video interview below.

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