2012 Brickyard Riesling bottle shot on side

The 2012 Brickyard Riesling is the first wine to be produced by Redstone Vineyards, Moray Tawse’s new winery, scheduled for completion in 2014. This wine was made by Tawse assistant Winemaker Rene Van Ede. Rene has been promoted as head Winemaker at the new winery. This high end and modern winery will include a seasonal restaurant and an outdoor amphitheater, and will be built at the former Thomas and Vaughan property in Beamsville. Similarly to Tawse, the Estate vineyard will be farmed organically and biodynamically, and viticulture and winemaking standards will be extremely rigid.

Brickyard is all about contradiction. While Niagara has a history of agriculture, there are many locations which are not friendly for the farmer. Although the location and soil might be very favorable, the excessive amount of rocks and stones make working the land extremely difficult. Implements were frequently damaged and broken, and the term ‘brickyard’ was coined to describe these harsh farming challenges. This is especially true for growing grapes, as the vineyard requires additional work to create the supporting structure for the vines. Postholes for example, can be almost impossible to create in the unyielding soils.

The decision to plant vines on such sites could easily be questioned. The contradiction arises since, once planted, the vines thrive. The rocks work to retain heat. The rich, well-drained soils optimize the conditions for the development of flavorful fruit. Yields can be high, while still demonstrating the wonderful and unique character of Niagara Riesling. Brickyard is the culmination of years of vineyard and winemaking experience, great fruit, and efficient production methods, moving it to the forefront of high quality, affordable consumer choices.

Look for the 2012 Brickyard Riesling, from Redstone Vineyards, on the VQA shelves of the LCBO.

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