By Burger Boy

It’s Sunday at lunch and a burger boy is hungry.

Jobs to do before the burger

First things first, my dad says that we have jobs to do. We went to the car wash. Then we went to the Cookbook Store; my dad loves to read cookbooks. There were a lot of strange people in our neighbourhood wrapped in tin foil. Dad told me that’s what people wear after running a marathon. Weirdos!!!

What's so dangerous about a burger?

The traffic was bad so it took a really long time to make it to Dangerous Dan’s Diner.  When we got to the front door I had no problems getting my wheelchair in.  The place is small, very messy and you sit on car seats. This place is cool.

At the table on a bench with seat belts?

A big guy with a biker beard told us that we had to come to the front to order.  I got my burger and a poutine.  The man served us himself when the burger was ready.

Very yummy poutine

The poutine was very big, very hot and very good.  Just the right ratio of cheese to gravy on hot crispy fries.

The 8oz Burger

Let me say the burger had the best bun to burger ratio, just the way a burger boy likes.  The burger was a hand made 8oz burger.  My dad wouldn’t let me order the one-pound burger.  I really wanted the one-pound burger. The burger had very good flavor from the grill and spices. It was cooked medium well and was nice and juicy. The bun was toasted.  Only one thing I did not like was the burger crumbled into pieces as I ate it. My dad stole the last crumb from my plate.

The Deep Fried Mars Bar

We ordered a deep fried Mars Bar for dessert. This was really, really, really good. The ice cream tasted like the ice cream at my school, not like Baskin Robbins.  I shared it with my sister and my dad.
The Burger Boy gives this place an 8 out of 10.
I think I will come back to this greasy spoon.

The Burger Boy is a 10 year old boy with a passion for good burgers… and he’s not messing around when he says good!!! You can find Burger Boy’s blog here.