Fresita Orange Sunset Sparkling Wine – #18950 – $13.95

It’s always nice to have something to sip on while your loading up trick-or-treaters with candy, and maybe snacking on some yourself. Where it gets tough is sipping on something that stays delicious after the sweets. Fresita Orange Sunset combines fresh and fruity sparkling wine made from Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Moscato with the bright, juicy flavours of orange and a hint of strawberry, for a ready-made mimosa-style sipper.

Pour on its own or over ice with a side of sweet and sour gummies like Starburst or sour keys, lolly pops, or fruit flavoured gums. Have a sip with a bite of milk chocolate to make it a chocolate orange! Before the candy comes out, try it with appetizers and finger foods, spicy Thai dishes, or fried foods with hot sauce.

Happy Halloween!



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