by Robin Wilson

Enjoy a little VSOP do we? How about an XO or a Cognac made, literally, for a King? Anyone can talk beer, wine or cocktails. But as I’m sure you know, Cognac is no joke and cannot be faked. Enter The House of Remy Martin and ‘The Heart of the Cognac Experience’.

Remy Martin has set up shop in Toronto, partnering up with Prostate Cancer Canada, with an event that could only be described as the perfect après work event for any Cognac enthusiasts.

Cocktails showcasing Cognac is where the evening starts. Guests are then ushered into a blending room in hopes to recreate the infamous VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) with various eaux-de-vie. I personally couldn’t concentrate. Being the child that I am, I was of course distracted by the luminous wall of colors. Which I soon realize is a chromatically designed wall of Cognac (eaux-de-vie) – a stunning introduction to a blending competition, soon to take place. Although losing is not something I do well, I give it the old college try in hopes of matching the VSOP recipe. Fail. But with Cognac in hand, I don’t seem to care.

The last stop is the Cask Room, where we sip on a new addition to the Remy Martin Line – the ‘Coeur de Cognac’. Here lies the first item to make it on to Christmas 2012 wish list. It’s smooth and slightly sweet taste has you forgetting you’re drinking a 40abv spirit. Careful with that one. Lastly, and not so forgettable, guests watch as Remy Martin’s Ambassador treats all to XO, directly from a cask brought over from the Rémy Martin cellars in France. Talk about going the distance.

The secret of Cognac lies in its chalky soils. Since 1724, The House of Remy Martin has been successfully producing quality Cognac due to some secrets of their own. From October harvests to the LOUIS XII de Remy Martin (a Cognac made from a blend of 1200 eaux-de-vie), Remy’s place in the Cognac world is untouchable. And this interactive museum of an event is a great way to really dive into it all. For more information on this experience, click here.
Robin Wilson is a avid eater who enjoys the finer things in life… including Cognac