by JoAnne Wang

Chef Boulud relaxes with GFR’s JoAnne Wang

“Would you like to interview Daniel Boulud?”  Really, how does one say “no” to a question like that? So with a little bounce of happiness, off I went…

For almost 20 years, Chef Boulud has been impressing hard-to-impress New Yorkers with his take on French cuisine at his lineup of eponymous restaurants.  While the restaurants run the gamut from Michelin three-star dining (Restaurant Daniel) to a casual market (Epicerie Boulud), the common theme across all his restaurants is a fervent dedication to hospitality and service.  After meeting Chef Boulud in person, it becomes quite clear where this direction comes from.

Chef Boulud was in Toronto to check in on the progress of his soon-to-be-opened Cafe Boulud in the spectacular new Four Seasons hotel.  He happened to announce his chef de cuisine that very day — Chef Tyler Shedden, formerly of Restaurant Daniel.  Along with wine director Drew Walker, we’re thrilled to see that Cafe Boulud Toronto will be helmed by a strong team of Canadians.  And we were even more thrilled when Chef Boulud graciously agreed to spend some time with Good Food Revolution to tell us a bit more about his plans.



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JoAnne Wang

JoAnne is a Chicago-born Torontonian putting down new roots in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  This city mouse loves good design, food and wine (AKA pretty things, eating and drinking).  Which are a lot of the important bits, don’t you think?