Last week I sat down with Anglo/Canadian painter/artist/filmmaker Zev Robinson for a chat about the many food documentaries he has made over the years as part of his The Art & Politics of Eating project.

Zev will be in Ontario sometime in May to screen a number of his superb documentaries… watch this space for more details.

This is Part 2 of a two-part interview. You can find Part 1 right here.




Here is the link to his excellent interview with fisherman Alisdair Macleod, a video I reference in piece above.

Directly below are links allowing you to watch full versions of some of his recent films (for a modest fee), and below that are trailers for those very same five films.

Real Bread Bakers (how baking bread, sourdough, nutrition and a sense of community are interconnected)
The Glasgow Diet (the history of Glasgow’s food systems)
Feeding the City (local food and circular economies in Glasgow)
“The Fish in the Sea” (sustainable fishing in Scotland)” and “Rocks, Crofts and Sheep” (self sufficiency and land ownership in the Outer Hebrides)
The Scottish Breed (regenerative livestock farming) and The Black Isle (local food north of Inverness, NE Scotland)