Malcolm Jolley talks to Peregrine and Mohua chief executive Fraser McLachlan.

Fraser McLachlan of Peregrine and Mohua wines in Toronto, Fall of 2017.

Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting Fraser McLachlan, whose family owns and operates the Peregrine winery in Central Otago, and makes Sauvignon Blanc from fruit from Marlborough. McLachlin was in town, for the first time, to solidify business arrangements with the LCBO and his agency, Rogers & Company. Peregrine and Mohua are consistently gaining praise in New Zealand and beyond, and was eager to hear more about what they’re up to from the source, which is captured in the video interview below.

It looks like Fraser McLachlan’s trip to Toronto was a success after all, as the 2015 Mohua Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc will be released into the LCBO’s Vintages program this Saturday, March 3rd (LCBO# 536219, $19.95). The intrepid Jamie Drummond managed to get a sample bottle, and has reviewed (and recommended) the wine in this Good Food Revolution post.

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