Talented Chef Tim Larsen mans the stoves at Stratford’s Mercer Hall Restaurant. 

Upon Good Food Revolution’s last visit to Stratford we were delighted to be introduced to a new fixture on the local dining scene, Mercer Hall Restaurant.

Occupying the location under the Mercer Inn once known as Tango, Mercer Hall is a beautiful space, particularly in the late afternoon with the sun pouring through the front windows into the dark wood panelled bar. It just became my favourite place in Stratford to enjoy a cool pint or two.

It appears that Bacon Mania has found a new home in Stratford… Mercer Hall Restaurant is one of the stops on Stratford’s new self-guided Bacon and Ale Trail, and on the particular day that we visited were presenting a special day of “Pigtails”, a selection of porcine inspired cocktails and nibbles that we captured in the video below.

Tickets for the Trail can be purchased from the Stratford Tourism Alliance office (47 Downie Street) and allow one to visit five stops listed in the Bacon and Ale Trail brochure, a must for the bacon and beer lover. As I supped a pint at the Mercer Hall bar I witnessed two couples enter and sit at the bar. Listening into their conversation it became apparent that they were all on the Bacon and Ale Trail and seemed to be enjoying it a great deal. What could be better than an afternoon meandering through the streets of Stratford tasting bacony things and drinking beer?

Mercer Hall’s Front and Back of House duties are ably handled by the husband and wife team of Jessie and Tim Larsen respectively, both veterans of the Stratford restaurant game. Jessie does a truly admirable job of making diners feel at ease and possesses a natural understanding of the spirit of hospitality.

Tim, formerly of The Church Restaurant, spends most of his time hidden away in the kitchen managing a fascinating menu of inspired small plates and larger dishes, but if you catch him at the right moment he appears to be more than happy to come over and speak about the farmers he sources from and the philosophy behind his dishes.


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Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And he thinks that Mercer Hall is a welcome addition to Stratford’s culinary scene.