Eat Well, Be Well, And Bring On 2021. At Hooked We Are ALL Ready!

Our shops are open and we have been working hard to keep up…

Hooked has a new website connected to Shopify. We are taking orders and payments online, as well as scheduled deliveries to your door!

Can’t find what you’re looking for on our website? Please email our
AMAZING customer service team – Philip, Jen & Max:

the best team ever

These three will guide you in your ordering of lobster, crab, shrimp, oysters and fish (not to mention all of our terrific house-made and smoked products), and will schedule a delivery that works for you.

Stay safe, stay warm, and eat like a champ!

Shops Open Thursday December 31st
9am to 4pm
Closed Friday January 1st

Our oyster special continues… Order NOW for New Year’s Eve!

24 Eel Lake N.S. oysters for $40
48 Eel Lake N.S. oysters for $60
(BOGO 1/2 off)

We will still have LOADS of other beautiful oysters on offer and are happy to take orders for shucked oysters


Lobsters from South Shore Nova Scotia arriving daily!
Order NOW for New Year’s Eve, LIVE or STEEPED

Chix (1-1.25lb) $19 each
Halves (1.5lb) $28 each
3/4 (1.75lb) $30 each
2 pounders $18/lb


In the Hooked Kitchen

Nate has been busy working like a madman in our kitchen whipping up fish stock, chowders, bisque, pâtés, dips, sauces, spreads and PIES!
If you haven’t tried one of our new Fisherman’s Pies, order one today. Seriously. Rich creamy velouté mixed in with potatoes, pearl onions, peas, smoked haddock, fresh salmon, all topped with rich and buttery pommes duchesse. SOOOOO GOOD!

Kristin has been smoking up a storm at our South Kingsway location since mid December and continues this week in an effort at keeping up production of our beautiful fishcuterie selection.

We are happy to make up a board for you to enjoy at home, delivered.
Here is what we have on offer:

double smoked steelhead salmon (lox style)
hot smoked steelhead salmon
citrus cured spring salmon
arctic char pastrami
tuna tataki (cold smoked & seared)
hot smoked rainbow trout
hot smoked mackerel
hot smoked sablefish

All boards include our caper cream cheese, loads of pickled goodness, Evelyn’s Crackers and three types of smoked fish. Add ons are welcome!



Though times are challenging and so many of us are having a quieter than usual holiday season, Dan, myself, Marco, Nate, Philip and the rest of our team want to thank you.
For your kindness, understanding, patronage, support, humour and friendship. We are truly blessed. Thank you so much.

The brightest light at Hooked through this pandemic has been our team.
We are so fortunate to work with such wonderful people.
Their work ethic, care, skill, humour, enthusiasm, teamwork and heart make Dan and I so proud and feel so lucky, each and every day.

Thank you Marco, Nate, Deb, Carmen, Anthony, Philip, David, Eric, Perseus, Shishir, Chris, Robin, Leanne, Vic, Zach, Dave.

Y’all are the best!

Kristin + Dan