Malcolm Jolley talks to Iduna Weinert about COVID-19 and harvest in Argentina…

In the 1980s and 90s, when most of Mendoza was doing its best to make Malbec that tasted like it came from Napa Valley, Iduna Weinert’s family winery, Weinert Bodegas y Cavas, kept their eye on the Old World sensibilities and the traditional profile of Argentine wine. As their importer Ruben Elmer, of The Case For Wine, says, ‘At Weinert, Barrique is a four letter word, all wines spend anywhere from 3 – 20 years in old barrels.’ It was Ruben, actually, who suggested GFR contact Iduna Weinert to include her in our ongoing series of COVID-19 Interviews with wine and hospitality people around the world. As Iduna explains in the video below the crisis lockdown has particular ramifications for Argentine exporters. We talk about that, the 2020 harvest, why Weinert is different from many other wineries and the 2017 Carrascal Malbec, which is available in Ontario now.

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