Last week I was racking my brain attempting to recall when I first met Mr. James Murphy. It took me a while, but I eventually deduced the exact moment…

It was around 2005… when I was still exercising/exorcising the many demons post the breakdown of my marriage.

It was in NYC,  outside one of the dirtiest nightclubs that I have ever experienced… the washrooms were an utter DISGRACE.

I remember it distinctly, as around 10 minutes after my first rendezvous with James I received a blow to the celiac plexus from the owner of said club, a gentleman who looked not dissimilar to Lee Van Cleef’s tougher brother. Oof!




Anyway… a number of  years later James took some time out of his mental touring schedule with LCD Soundsystem to sit down with Good Food Revolution and a wonderful platter of charcuterie courtesy of Reds Bistro Chef Michael Steh… perhaps the best exposition of charcuterie I have ever experienced, a thought shared by my fellow diners.




After lunch, accompanied by many a glass of wine, James and I attempted the podcast that we had been speaking of for many a year… and here it is…