1. I will attempt to bake my own bread at least once a week.
  2. I will learn how to icefish, documenting the process for Good Food Revolution.
  3. I will spend more time in Niagara visiting vineyards thanks to the daily flights there.
  4. I will go through the proper training to ethically hunt, field-dress, butcher, preserve and prepare my own game meat, documenting the process for Good Food Revolution
  5. I will endeavour to have more of an open mind when it comes to “natural wines” and their inherent qualities… *cough*.
  6. I will never eat another KFC Big Crunch Sandwich again.
  7. I will attempt to eat outside of my cliquey little downtown Toronto bubble, venturing to the Greater Toronto Area and beyond for restaurant sustenance.
  8. I will spend less time reading recipes and more time attempting them.
  9. I will spend more time in Prince Edward County (as I am now able to drive myself there).
  10. I will shed some of my superfluous cookbooks once again (see #8).
  11. I will visit more Toronto restaurants now that our son is nearly three (we have hardly been out to eat at all in the past three years!).
  12. I will attempt to make my own sausages, documenting the process for Good Food Revolution (probably linked to #2).
  13. I will purchase a small chest freezer and somehow work out a place to put it (linked to #2, 4, 8, and 12).
  14. I will organise at least one event to raise money for The Stop again.
  15. I will spend less time winding up wine agents, coffee bar owners, and fellow sommeliers with obtuse messages from fake email addresses.
  16. I will go through our cupboards and make up a box of kitchen stuff/gadgets we really don’t need and give it to Goodwill.
  17. I will attempt to prepare fish once a week.
  18. I will finally finish this piece on gout that I have been working on for three years.
  19. I will enthusiastically host as many out-of-towners seeking Toronto’s gastronomic delights as possible (see pic above), and attempt to be the very best culinary ambassador for our city possible.
  20. I won’t leave my GFR resolutions until the very last moment in 2018. Promise.



Jamie Drummond

Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And here’s to a fantastic 2017 for all our GFR readers.