Malcolm Jolley dicovers Karavitakis’ Little Prince wine at the LCBO.

If the Karavitakis Winery’s 2015 Little Prince White was put on the Vintages shelves for French or Italian wines, it would have sold out weeks ago. The fresh and crisp white wine from Crete, made from indigenous Vilana and Vidiano grape varietals, came into Ontario in November priced at $14.95. It is simultaneously aromatic and weighted with rich stone fruit flavours. There’s a lot going on in this wine and it’s confounding (in a good way) on the palate. But The Little Prince is crystal clear on its economics: here is a well made, complex and balanced wine for much less than it would cost if it were from a fancier region. There is still a fair amount of the wine in the LCBO system (click on it’s LCBO# 465930 to find it at a store near you), and at this price it’s a perfect aperitif wine well worth trying out.