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Juan Pablo Murgia on Argento Rosé

Malcolm Jolley talks to Argento winemaker Juan Pablo Murgia about rosé…

The last time I caught up with Juan Pablo Murgia, winemaker at Bodega Argento for this post, we talked about how Argentina’s largest producer of organic wine was moving forward trying to convert all its production to certified organic. Argento continues to move in this direction, but in the mean time the LCBO has brought back their seasonal pink wine, the Argento Rosé 2020 ($10.95 | LCBO# 13245). The rosé is a blend of Syrah, Malbec and Pinot Grigio, and gets it’s colour from skin contact. It’s full of big bright red fruit from the Syrah and Malbec, then florals and touch of peach on the finish from the Pinot Grigio, tied together with a good streak of acid that makes it as much a wine to hold through lunch or dinner as an aperitif. With the promise of warm weather coming, news of rosé was very much welcome in my house, and the return of this wine prompted me to get in touch with Juan Pablo to make the video below.

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  1. Deborah Levere says:

    I am hosting a virtual wine tasting today. I am in Ontario Canada and my fellow tasters live in other areas of Canada. The theme we chose was Rosé. I noticed your Argento 2020 Rosé on the liquor store shelves by the entrance with its label about sustainability around its neck. Today being World Environment Day this wine seems very appropriate. I just had a few sips after watching your video interview. It is a lovely well made wine for sure. The aromas as you said are so beautiful and the balance and texture in the mouthfeel are very nice. I researched thiols after watching and have now learned a lot about them. Thank you so much for this lovely wine. It makes my Rosé tasting on World Environment Day even more special.

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