Patricia Noonan finds hard and soft drinks for Mother’s Day 2021 outside…

Celebrate Mother’s Day outdoors… and if a picnic is in the works during this lockdown, then portable drinks to go along with your packed meal are the logical option. Of course, any other day is fine too. Just enjoy the outdoors!

The latest cocktail in a can is from the Little Buddha Cocktail Company. The two flavours to choose from are Organic Peach Tea and Grilled Pineapple & Rosemary, both offering up a fresh sparkle along with the added vodka. Toronto friends Kimberley Taylor and Anne Marie Kypreos, the company owners, use  certified organic ingredients and the cocktails are gluten free, zero sugar or preservatives and ring in at under 90 calories a can.

What to enjoy them with? The peach is spritzy and fresh and would be a great match with a fruit bowl on the go. The Grilled Pineapple would work great with spiced up chicken sandwiches made with either a tandoori marinated chicken or my other choice, a jerk marinated chicken, to balance out the heat with the fresh, cleansing ripe fruitiness. Actually, the peach would work too, with any spicy sandwich options as a delicious  flavour contrast.

One of the latest non-alcoholic options to the sparkling water scene, Akwa is botanically based using hops with bright flavours like the citrusy Cascade and Citra hops, leaving a super clean refreshing feel on the palate with the mildest salty hint to the finish. Head brewer at Spearhead Brewing Company, Jacob Schmidt, wanted to provide an alternate option in the taproom. Attractively packed in a celadon green can, it’s an obvious safe choice for packing into a picnic, just like the Little Buddha Cocktail choices.

Cheers and Enjoy Mother’s Day!