The Living Vine offers a limited selection of “haute de vie” from Laurent Cazottes.

Using fruit, nuts and herbs from his own 20 hectare biodynamic orchards – pears, greengage plums, wild quince, elderflower, walnuts and two native grapes, prunelard noir and mauzac rose (a mutation of mauzac blanc) – Laurent Cazottes produces eaux de vies of richness and weight while preserving very rare, nearly extinct fruits indigenous to the Southwest of France.

Cazottes is lauded for his small-production, super high quality eau-de-vie and fruit liqueurs deemed some of the best in all of France. We, at The Living Vine, are extremely excited to be able to offer them in Ontario for the first time.

The selection below is available by the bottle in a mixed case selection with a minimum two bottle order – availability is very limited and can be delivered in 1-2 weeks.

You may order by the bottle or in a mixed case, first reserved first served. Send us a message at

Minimum order of 2 btls of any of the following:

  • COING SAUVAGE 2015 $88.95
  • TOMATE 2015 $104.95
  • GOUTTE DE MAUZAC ROSÉ 2012 $99.95
  • CÉDRAT 2014 $119.95
  • REINE CLAUDE DORÉE 2016 $125.95
  • GOUTTE DE POIRE WILLIAMS 2016  $125.95
  • POMME GUELE 2016 $164.95

(HST not included.)

Pomme Guele 2016 | 500ml | $164.95
Made from 10 varieties of organic and biodynamic apples: the Crimson, the Red Devil, the Krown, the Topaz, the Ecolette, the Santana, the Joseph, the Reinette d’Anjou, the Pinova and the ‘Elstar.

Tomate 2015 | 500ml | $104.95
Laurent harvests 72 varieties of tomatoes that he grows on his estate, destems them, quarters them, removes the seeds, and steeps them in grape spirit for almost a year. Cazottes distills the resulting pomace to produce the liquid to create this liqueur de tomate with concentrated acidity, sweetness, spiciness and salinity. 72 Tomates is 18% alcohol with some residual sugar, giving it a textural richness that works well with unique pairings (uni, anyone?)

Goutte de Poire Williams | 45% abv | 350ml | $125.95
Cazottes manually remove the peduncles, chalices, all the seeds and eschars in order to preserve the pure pear flavor. Quality of fruit from the orchard, masterful distillation techniques, and purity of aromas make this simply one of the best small-production eaux de vie available now. Medium viscosity with loads of fresh Bartlett pear on the palate that presists indefinitely.

Cédrat 2014 | 18% abv | 500ml | $119.95
Created by commission for a three star Michelin restaurant in Paris. Lemon and lime citrus add pleasing flavors on the palate and fragrance to the nose. Apple and herbal tea on the finish.

Coing Sauvage 2015 |18% abv | 500ml | $88.95
The quince for this liqueur are grow wild and are harvested from the bushes and hedges in the region around Laurent’s distillery. He calls this “quince hunting”. The ripe quince are thouroughly cleaned and then left to macerate. The result is liquid gold. Sweet and bitter, full and fresh. As complex as the fruit that were picked.

Goutte de Mauzac Rosé 2012 |45% abv | 350ml | $99.95
An indigenous grape to the Tarn region of Southwest France, the Laurent Cazottes Goutte de Mauzac Rose Eau-de-vie is one of Laurent Cazottes’ true passions. This is not a fine nor a marc, but the wine and the pomace are left together during the distillation. Hence, this is an Eau de Vie de Raisin. Laurent Cazottes is committed to reviving these heritage varietals and the resulting spirits are pure expressions of the fruit from which they are made. Biodynamic and organic viticulture are practiced.

Prunelles Sauvage 2013 | 18% abv | 500ml | $199.95 SOLD OUT
Produced from Sloe berries, allowed to ripen “passerillage” until late December in order to concentrate the aromas with the first yearly frost. The fruit is further concentrated by drying out on racks. The berries are then broken manually then macerated for six months before careful pressing “au torchon” and gentle distillation. The “Eau de vie” extracted from this young prunelle marc is then added back to the liquor and gives it vitality and length. Really great with anything Chocolate.

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