Telling like it is (from his home kitchen), the most excellent Mr. Tony Parkinson of Penny’s Hill, McLaren Vale, Australia.


If I were to speak of an upside to this whole pandemic debacle, it would have to be the opportunities I have had to catch up with old friends in the industry the world over through these series of Zoom interviews.

Case in point, today we speak with Tony Parkinson, the man behind the Penny’s Hill, Thomas Goss, and Black Chook wines, and a gentleman I first interviewed for Good Food Revolution almost a decade ago.

The pandemic hasn’t been particularly kind to many Australian winegrowers, particularly with China recently bringing in punitive tariffs on Australian wines.

Undeniably the very straightest of shooters, Tony tells us the real story of what’s been happening, and always with a touch of humility peppered with his ever-wry wit.

And kudos must go to Tony for humouring me regarding my, quite frankly, terrible jokes.

You can find Part One right here.

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Tony’s Black Chook wine makes its way in Vintages Essentials in early 2022.

Tony’s wines are represented in Ontario by Dionysus Wines And Spirits.

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