by Malcolm Jolley

James Beard Award-winner Jennifer McLagan has always been a chef’s cookbook author, so it’s no surprise that in the months following the publication of her third book, Odd Bits, that her core audience would reach out and ask her to join them in an ad hoc series of dinners. To date, McLagan has been in Montreal at Grumman 78 (run in part by Pied de Cochon vets Gaelle Cerf and Marc-Andre Leclerc), Victoria at Dan Hayes’s London Chef studio for a dinner for the city’s chefs and Vancouver at a Vancouver Club event also featuring Karen Page and Andrew Dornernberg as well as Neil Taylor’s Cibo Trattoria.

McLagan is set to return to Montreal for a dinner at Le Morgon, where she and chef Patrick Plouffe will be filmed for a Radio-Canada TV show, but first she’s bringing it all back home for a dinner at Toronto’s Parts & Labour with collection of young cooks knows as The Group of 7 Chefs, on Monday, January 30.

The seven young chefs (Beast’s Scott Vivian, Buca’s Rob Gentile, Cowbell’s Mark Cutrara, Globe Earth’s Kevin McKenna, Parts and Labour’s Matty Matheson, The Stop’s Chris Brown, and The Tempered Chef’s Bertrand Alépée) will, naturally enough, cook seven courses using seven interesting parts on an animal. McLagan will be on hand to curate and speak to the meat.

Tickets are available here.