Malcolm Jolley urges Ontario restaurateurs to nominate their best young workers for the Ontario Hostelry Institute’s annual honour.

top-30-under-30J. Charles Grieco, chairman of the Ontario Hostelry Institute, tells GFR that nominations are now open for the institute’s annual Top 30 Under 30 Awards Program. The benefits of participating in the program are obvious, for both the nominating organization and the recipient should they make the list.

The nomination process is free, straight forward, and requires little more than assembling a CV and two letters of recommendation. I can’t think of a reason, beyond sheer inertia, for foodservice business not to try and reward their best young employees in this way. Large hospitality organizations with human resource departments know this and take advantage of the benefits of a Top 30 Under 30 nomination, but smaller restaurant and food service operation actually have more to gain from the program (and nothing to lose).

Civilians (like me) can also get involved. If you’re regularly served by, or know a bright young person in the industry, contact their employer and let them know about the nomination. Again, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Everything about the awards can be found at The OHI’s website here.

Malcolm Jolley is a fellow of the Ontario Hostelry Institute, and a Gold Award Winner.