Author Stuart Piggot addresses the Riesling acolytes in the cosy sideroom of Toronto's Grano restaurant.

Author Stuart Pigott addresses the Riesling acolytes in the cosy sideroom of Toronto’s Grano restaurant.

It speaks to Grano‘s place within the Good Food (and Wine) community that we mention this Toronto institution twice in the same week. Last Saturday the restaurant was host to a special guest, wine writer and militant vigorously active Riesling advocate Stuart Pigott.

No stranger to these shores, Stuart was visiting Ontario to again taste our Rieslings and promote his new book Best White Wine On Earth : The Riesling Story, and on that Saturday night the vast majority of Niagara’s Riesling royalty descended upon Grano to break bread and drink Riesling with him.

Look out for an exclusive Good Food Revolution interview with Stuart Pigott next week.


Hidden Bench’s ebullient Meg McGrath was on hand to present her winery’s Felseck Vineyard Riesling.


As glamourous as ever, Wine Country Ontario’s Magdalena Kaiser hosted one of my favourite wine events of the year.


13th Street Winemaker (and resident vinous curmudgeon) J.P. Colas and a very furtive-looking Stephen Elphick, photographer.


Ontario Riesling and Angelo Bean’s Ontario Riesling-infused sausages… there are few things finer.


Cave Spring Vineyard’s Tom Pennachetti holds court, and gives us his take on the Ontario Riesling story.


Wine of Ontario’s Magdalena Kaiser and Cave Spring Vineyards’ Len Pennachetti share a wee cuddle for the camera.


Billy Munnelly (of Billy’s Best Bottles fame) speaks of Riesling being akin to sensual foreplay, as opposed to being the entire meal… much to the chagrin of the assembled crowd.


Left to Right: Winemaker Angelo Pavan, Guest of Honour Stuart Pigott, Wine of Ontario’s Magdalena Kaiser, and Cave Spring Vineyards’ Len Pennachetti.


Cave Spring Vineyards’ Len Pennachetti takes to the stand and admits that he’s not actually read all of Stuart Piggot’s book as of yet.


And the entire room utterly reeked of Riesling… so very wonderful.


Executive Director of the Finger Lakes Wine Alliance (and fellow Riesling enthusiast) Bob Madill and 13th Street Winemaker J.P. Colas. Hold on a second… that doesn’t look like Riesling!


Cave Spring Vineyards’ Angelo Pavan gives us his version of the Cave Spring Story.


Always the most jovial and erudite of hosts, Grano’s Roberto Della Martella asks some thought provoking questions about the future of Riesling.


Stuart Pigott gives us another insight into his particular take on why Riesling makes the best white wines in the world… but he was (mostly) preaching to the choir with this crowd.


Anna Weiss, wife of Cave Spring Vineyards’ Tom Pennachetti (pictured at end of table) gets friendly with our host, Roberto.


Wines In Niagara’s Rick VanSickle decided to let his hair down for the occasion.


Anna Weiss informs Billy Munnelly that if he feels that Riesling is merely foreplay then he just not doing it right.


Bob Madill, Executive Diretor of the Finger Lakes Wine Alliance popped up from New York State (where they grow a lot of Riesling) to join us.


Stratus Vineyards’ (and Riesling producer in his own right) Charles Baker has a very serious event post-mortem with the Wine Council’s Magdalena Kaiser.

Jamie DrummondEdinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And that was a really smashing night.