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5 Questions with Anton Potvin

Anton Potvin is the Owner and Sommelier of the Niagara Street Café. Potvin and Executive Chef Nick Liu are responsible for the rising success of the Niagara Street Café. While Anton is in the dining room greeting guests and mixing drinks, Chef Liu is busy in the kitchen cooking locally based dishes for the restaurant’s seasonal menu. Both men are dedicated to the fight for good food and are proud Good Food Fighters. I caught up with Potvin recently for the interview below.

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What Charlie did next…

Love him or loathe him, one has to admit that Toronto’s mysterious pop-up restaurateur Charlie certainly has balls.

Utilising a cabal of deep industry associates, some seriously talented local Chefs, a roster of secret supper venues, and considerable chutzpah, he has been hosting what are arguably some of the most exciting events around, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Food and Wine magazine when they listed Charlie’s get-togethers amongst their top culinary experiences in the world.

Well, this time Charlie has gone one step further and put together a duo of extraordinary dinners in two of Europe’s most extraordinary restaurants… yes, you read that correctly…

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Master Index of Podcasts

The original theme music for the podcasts is provided by the wonderful Tim Goldsworthy of Loving Hand and DFA records fame, NYC/Bristol. Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine 2009 – Present Episode 1  – Sam James...

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Odd Bits’ Jennifer McLagan Interview

Odd Bits is the third in Jennifer McLagan’s ‘meat trilogy’, which began with Bones and continued with Fat. Each book is both a tribute to Western culinary traditions in danger of being lost and an exhortation to home and professional cooks across the English-speaking world to smarten up and move beyond boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

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