by Nicolette Novak for The Good Earth Food and Wine Co., a ‘Certified Good Food Fighter’

It seems like ages ago since I chatted with Malcolm and Jamie of the GFR “swat” (summer weather about travel) team!  It was their first visit to our little piece of heaven and it was…stinking hot!  What a summer we have had!  Sun, humidity and the best harvest of orchard fruit ever – full of summer sweetness.

The Good Earth Grape Jam

Seedless Grape, one of the many fresh & yummy jams available at The Good Earth!

Yesterday, as I sat down to “scribble” my introductory blog for GFR, I had my jam pot bubbling with Sovereign Coronation grape jam – think the best PB&J sandwich ever.  (Sovereign Coronation grapes are seedless and oh so yummy – and available at the fruit stand at the edge of our property!)  While I hate to admit it, the subtle signs are all around me –we are slipping into autumn!

Autumn in Niagara wine country is about the wine harvest.  Today we bottle our 2009 The Good Wine “Pinot Noir” which is absolutely delicious and late next week…harvest of the 2010 season starts again.  I highly encourage people to pop on down to Niagara in the next several weeks and drive along the side roads with your windows down.  Nothing beats the fantastic smell of crushed grapes in the air.  It’s like a giant purple popsicle fest!

We look forward to welcoming all our GFR comrades to The Good Earth in the months to come.  Pop in for a tasting or have lunch and linger.  Be sure to let us know you are here!!  Chat again soon!