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So Just How Do Big Drop Brewing Make A Truly Delicious Non-Alcoholic Beer? – Part 1

Big Drop Brewing’s Owner/Founder Rob Fink sat down for a two part interview about his award winning non-alcoholic beers.


It has to be said that I drink a fair bit of beer, so I’m always looking at ways of cutting back on my consumption. Up until this week I had never tasted any non-alcoholic beers that I would give the time of day, but then I had the opportunity to sample the Stout and the Pale Ale from Big Drop Brewing all the way from London, United Kingdom (and currently available at the LCBO) and I was quite frankly blown away. They are truly astonishingly good.

I’ll be reviewing both of these non-alcoholic beers for GFR next week, but in the meantime here is Part One of a two part interview I recently conducted with Rob Fink, the gentleman behind the Big Drop project. 

Look out for Part Two next week… and while you are waiting why not try out the beers.


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Jamie Drummond

Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And he’s looking forward to sampling the rest of the Big Drop range.

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One Response to So Just How Do Big Drop Brewing Make A Truly Delicious Non-Alcoholic Beer? – Part 1

  1. George K WSET3 says:

    Thanks for bringing these beers to my attention Jamie. I first tried the Pale Ale and quite enjoyed it, then purchased some of the Stout. I knew there was milk in both beers, but thought the amount would be small enough not to cause any issues due to me being lactose-intolerant.

    I had no issues with the Pale Ale, but within a few hours of consuming a Stout, severe intestinal Hiroshima ensued. I examined the ingredient list for both beers and found that for the Stout, milk was the 2nd ingredient, while for the Pale Ale, it was the 4th ingredient, just above the hops.

    So if you’re lactose-intolerant as I am, you’d be wise to avoid the Stout and stick with the Pale Ale.

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