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Suzanne Crocker First We Eat

Malcolm Jolley interviews Yukon locavore filmmaker Suzanne Crocker…

Suzanne Crocker went further than the 100 Mile Diet, she took it to more like 10 miles, and those ten miles were from her home in Dawson City, Yukon Territory. How she fed her family through a Yukon winter with only the food she found grown and raised around her is the subject of her charming documentary, First We Eat. The film, which is streaming from the Hot Docs website, is about as apt for this pandemic lockdown winter as can be. As we all hunker down into our pods, imagine doing the same with your family, including three teenagers, while trying to live up to a pledge of eating only the foods grown or raised in your community. Crocker’s film is both illuminating and deeply entertaining, and I was so pleased to talk to her about it for this extended interview video.

If you can’t see the video, please click here to see it at GFR.

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