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Anne Martin’s Chocolate and Wine Pairings

When Anne Martin signed-up with Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate, the British chocolatier bringing high-end, organic and ethically sourced bars to the supermarkets of the Western world, I knew I wanted to know about her pairings. Martin is a top Toronto sommelier and wine consultant who writes for Canadian Living, as well as this website…

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Affordable Bordeaux

by Anne Martin With the global competitors nipping at their heels and, in many cases, overtaking the former pinnacle of the wine kingdom; the Bordelaise have had to figure out a way to market their “non-grand cru” wines to the...

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Tasting the World at ProWein

by Anne Martin As a wine writer, I am fortunate to receive invitations to various wine-related events, tastings and sometimes trips abroad to visit regions or attend trade fairs. Now, wine trade fairs in themselves can be a bit...

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Big Wines and Bold Cheese

by Anne Martin Contrary to popular belief, red wines and cheeses are not generally a match made in heaven. If you consider the fruits that go well with cheeses like apples, pears and grapes; these flavours are found in white...

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