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The Drake’s Earth Day Gala – Photo Essay

For the fourth year in a row, the Drake Hotel played host to the Earth Day Canada fundraiser. The entire venue, from the Underground where the awards ceremony was held, to the Lounge where MC Sean Cullen held court and the Sadies rocked the house, to the Sky Yard where a barbecue station and plenty of Mill House Organic Lager had the joint rockin’.

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The Drake Hotel’s New Dining Road Show

The new space will feature different concepts, covering everything from a kitschy spin on a high school cafeteria to a colourful trip to Chinatown circa 1940s Los Angeles. These special, temporary menus will change every few months along with the design, packaging, music and performance art.

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The Drake Hotel: A Good Food Fighter Profile

Anthony Rose is the Executive Chef at the Drake Hotel. Four months ago, the Drake Hotel opened a barbecue pop-up shop, the Drake BBQ. Open from 6 pm “until the meat runs out”, Chef Rose has been busy preparing menus for both the hotel and the meat shop. Chef Rose was kind enough to squeeze me into his busy schedule to discuss ‘Good Food’ and how it affects his cooking philosophy.

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Just Opened: Drake BBQ

Anthony Rose: “Everyone has an opinion about food, and that’s great… But barbecue is one of those, just, ultra-weird, different things that people think they know exactly what it should be.”

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