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Mercer Hall

Upon Good Food Revolution’s last visit to Stratford we were delighted to be introduced to a new fixture on the local dining scene, Mercer Hall Restaurant. Occupying the location under the Mercer Inn once known as Tango,...

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Skillet Bacon Jam

Skillet Original Bacon Spread is the creation of Chef Josh Henderson, founder of Skillet Street Food in Seattle. Chef Josh took a whole lot of really good smoky Niman Ranch bacon and rendered it down, then added a heap of onions, spices, brown sugar and a dash of balsamic and let it simmer away for six hours. The resulting smoky bacon onion jam is addictive.

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Best Back Bacon on a Bun

I grew up in England where folks take their bacon very seriously. On a return visit to London, I remember standing awestruck in front of a large display case in the basement food court of Selfridges (the big department store on Oxford Street) that was stacked with twenty or more different kinds of bacon all identified with a sign noting place of origin, breed of pig and nature of cure and smoke.

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Pig Delight

by Maia Filar God, Toronto loves meat so much right now. Pork in particular. Smoked, maple coated, pulled, roasted, BBQ’d, it’s in your soup, it’s in your drink and it’s in your chocolate bars. But with...

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