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Ontario’s First High Fat Butter

tirling Creamery of Stirling Ontario, north of Belleville, will shortly unveil an 84% fat butter, to be sold to a fledgling group of artisan butchers. Sam Gundy of Olliffe’s, a high-end butcher shop in Toronto’s tony Summerhill neighbourhood has spearheaded the effort, along with his brother and fellow proprietor Ben. He offered GFR a sneek-peak and tantalizing sample of the butter, which is 4% richer than all other Ontario butters for sale.

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Good Food Fighter Profile – Olliffe

I sat on one of the stools at the front of the store and watched customers order what they referred to as “the usual.” The brothers greeted many of the customers by name, and it was nice to be in an atmosphere reminiscent of my mother’s trusty butcher shop, back home in rural Northern Ontario. There was finally a moment where I was alone in the shop and could interview Sam Gundy about his appreciation for Good Food.

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Good Food Fighters: Olliffe

Brothers Ben and Sam Gundy combined their respective experience in the restaurant business and ties to the farmers of Southwestern Ontario with their step-brother (and silent partner) James Aitken’s business savvy into a re-energised Toronto institution: Olliffe.

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