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André Ostertag: Making Biodynamic Wine in Alsace

Alsatian Riesling-meister André Ostertag visited Toronto recently, where he poured a selection of his natural, sustainable white wines at a tasting hosted by his The Living Vine, which deals exclusively in organic and biodynamic products. While Ostertag is both a committed biodynamist and a terroiriste at Domaine Ostertag, he explains in this video interview that he is still respectful of traditional wine making.

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Interview With Monty Waldin

I just think wine is an amazing, fascinating, fantastic…food. For me, it’s food. It’s not a drink. It’s part of my dining experience: it’s food. I’m not going to eat healthy food and have unhealthy wine and I think every wine producer on the planet is capable of making healthy wine. Every producer on the planet should strive to do that – not only for himself but also for his local community and for his consumers.

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BioVino at Green Living Show 2011

Meet the owners of some of the world’s leading organic and biodynamic wineries, and popular local breweries, while explain the lengths they go to sustainably produce their amazing beverages. Ever wonder what biodynamic wine is? Or just what kind of TLC goes into locally brewed beers? Participants are urged to ask questions while they sample and taste.

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