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La Quercia’s Herb Eckhouse is America’s Prince of Prosciutto

It was 1989, there wasn’t anything that was being made there that we could be proud of. We had been blessed with this unbelievable bounty, but what were we doing to show that we appreciated it? That’s when we started thinking about making Prosciutto. Ten years later, another job had taken me to Italy and back to Iowa again. I spent five years studying the art (like a good Harvard boy) and for a lot of reasons decided that it made sense. We started out by selling imported Prosciutto and then we started making it by hand.

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George’s Tamworth Diary Part 2

by Fiona Lim and Joel McDonald This is the second instalment in an ongoing GFR series by Fiona Lim, Executive Sous Chef at George restaurant. Under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Lorenzo Loseto, Chef de Partie Joel McDonald...

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