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Cava Cup – Ground Hog Day 2

Never mind the rodents and their shadows, in Toronto the second day of February now means its time for the Ground Hog Invitational Chefs Challenge hosted at Cava by proprietors and chefs Chris McDonald and Doug Penfold. Their all-star chefs competition, which they bill as an alternative to the city of Toronto’s Winterlicious festival, pits some of the city and region’s most ambitious young chefs against each other in a battle of artinasanally-processed pork.

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Cava’s Calf Test

Before the big reveal, Michael asked the room of gastronomic enthusiasts which calf they believed was fed raw milk. (He hadn’t even let Chris in on the secret when he’d delivered them to the restaurant.) Surprisingly, a show of hands found the room was more or less evenly split between Calf A and Calf B, with a confused few—including myself—believing it was a trick question (I preferred the lighter, milder liver of Calf A and the moister loin and terrine of Calf B). Were our inclinations based on actual taste preferences or were we making choices based on familiarity of taste?

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