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Chef Frank Dodd’s Niagara Table

Last week Arlene Stein and I headed out on the Queen Elizabeth Way, out of tepid Toronto and down to Arcadian Niagara to visit Hillebrand Winery and see what Chef Frank Dodd was up to at their Winery Restaurant. Invited and led around by Liz Hendriksen, Arlene learns about the winery’s innovative approach to hospitality and Chef Dodd’s unwavering commitment to local ingredients before and after a four course ‘Harvest Table’ lunch in this video.

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How I Have Been Working Hard For You – A Food Writer’s Diary

The food writer’s life is punctuated by some very pleasant episodes. More often than not, invitations to these episodes come from publicists and PR professionals, wishing to drum up some press for their restaurateur clients. We craven, ink-stained wretches are often more than happy to accept these invitations, as our schedules allow, on the dual grounds that: a) there may be a story in it, and b) it sounds like fun.

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