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Mysterious Marjoram

Marjoram turns out to be a mysterious herb. Not only can be hard to tell what kind of marjoram one might have growing in one’s garden, but it’s flavour properties will depend on where its grown and the weather of the...

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In Season Now: Onions

I think the poor old regular onion has been somewhat neglected in the annals of gastronomy lately. I’ve written a lot about fresh garlic, scapes, green garlic, ramps (or wild leeks, if you insist), leeks, scallions and everything alluvium except actual onions.

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In Season Now: Fava (Broad) Beans

As a general rule American’s call them “fava” and Brits call them “broad”, which gives us Canadians license to call them whatever we like, and this bean by any name will taste as mellow and wonderfully summer green.

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In Season Now: Day Lilies and Begonias

Does anyone fancy a little Hemerocallis fulva? I mean, of course, day lily, the bright orange (or red, or yellow or bright coloured and striped) flowers that pop-up right around now. In East Asia, the flower has been used in cooking forever, often translated as golden needles and an important ingredient for moo shu pork.

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