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Allen’s Steak Festival

Allen’s annual aelebration of the finest beef obtainable, verified from farm to fork, with breed, farm, feed and age identified. This year’s presentation includes steaks from Angus, Limousin, Piemontese, Highland, Hereford, Wagyu and, for the first time, John Maxwell’s own Dexter Cattle

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Men In Pink Work Hard for Ontario Rosé

Three years ago restaurateur John Maxwell and wine writer Billy Munnelly decided the next logical step in revealing to Upper Canadians the bounty of their domestic wine production was to focus on one style, rosé, and one demographic, the less-fairer sex.

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5 Questions with John Maxwell

In a restaurant context, good food means to me good ingredients cooked in a way that allows the ingredients to display themselves and show through. In a broader context, good food to me speaks of how the food is grown. How the food is grown has an enormous impact on how food tastes. I don’t think that taste can be separated from agricultural ethics or practices at all. It is absolutely essential that good food in the broadest context be food that is grown in soil, treated properly from seed or stock and is not a form of commercial farming.

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