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Just Opened: Aaron Joseph Bear Robe’s Keriwa Café

“I think on a general level, as a cook, you always want to become a chef and own your own restaurant—so you can have your own thing that you’re doing,” says Aaron Joseph Bear Robe, chef and owner of Keriwa Café, which opened August 10 on the last stretch of Queen Street before Roncesvalles.

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Just Opened: Woodlot

I can’t think of another restaurant in this city that has the same split-level set-up, with the dining area up on the mezzanine (which itself is stacked on top of the space allotted for pulling coffee shots and displaying baked goods). It has a full view of the kitchen, prep area, and a single communal table near the door

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Just Opened: The Atlantic

Nathan Isberg has received a lot of attention for the crickets he serves. (In fact, his insurance company tried to quash the idea, but Health Canada found no reason to impose restrictions—“no issues at all, they’re cooked!” he laughs—and the crickets are back on menu.) He breeds them himself, in glass jars on beds of straw.

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Just Opened: Drake BBQ

Anthony Rose: “Everyone has an opinion about food, and that’s great… But barbecue is one of those, just, ultra-weird, different things that people think they know exactly what it should be.”

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