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Harvest Time at The Healthy Butcher

Late Summer is filled with the anticipation of the return of familiar faces and familiar routines, as children go back to school and summer vacations end. The return to routine is bitter sweet. It signals a more settled time for everyone. We love this time of year because just as everyone is returning to making home cooked meals, they have a superb selection of ingredients from which to choose.

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Dry Roasting

Why sear? Searing was once widely thought of as the way to keep moisture from escaping during the cooking process. Food scientists have proved the theory of moisture loss false. However, searing does accomplish an important task: Enhanced flavour!

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The Canadienne Cow, Slow Food Ark of Taste

The Canadienne is the only breed of dairy cow native to North America, developed in French Canada during the 16th to 17th century from breeds imported from Normandy and Brittany. It was bred for hardiness in the rugged Canadian climate, becoming so well adapted that it did not require expensive imported feed or intensive management. In 1850, there were at least 300,000 Canadienne cows in Canada but numbers began to dwindle due to Canadian government policies and the contemporary dairy industry, which favours dairy cows that produce milk in large volumes.

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