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They’re Called Ramps

Chefs and home cooks alike have been quietly bragging this week with the (relatively late) arrival of alluvium ticoccum, or “ramps”. They’re a wild woods onion that grows among hardwood stands (mostly maple) from Chicago to Montreal. I am few days into my stash (which I forage sustainably and with permission every year from a secret location on private property in Durham County) and I’ve enjoyed mine so far with scrambled eggs, a sausage and ramp pasta (with a dash of cream), and a marinade and stuffing for chicken breasts (see recipe below).

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Wild Leeks Arrive in Ontario

by Malcolm Jolley [A 2011 GFR update on Ontario ramps or wild leeks is available here – Ed.] On a drizzly April day about five years ago, on my family’s property in Durham County, about an hour northeast of Toronto,...

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