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Talking Cornas

Winemaker Matthieu Barret explains the intricacies of making biodynamic Cornas.

Winemaker Matthieu Barret explains the intricacies of making biodynamic Cornas.

Many moons ago Chef Jamie Kennedy and I met Cornas Winemaker Matthieu Barret at the legendary Return To Terroir Biodynamic tasting, hosted by The Living Vine’s Mark Cuff and featuring the incomparable Nicolas Joly .

Throughout that afternoon both Chef Kennedy and myself took great pleasure in the wines of Domaine du Coulet, and towards the end of a long day of tasting I was approached by Chef and asked what I thought of Matthieu’s bottlings. I replied that I found them to be quite magnificent examples of true Cornas, if a little closed in their relative youth. He was happy that I had given my two ginger thumbs up as he then informed me that he had a ordered a few cases for the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar.

Now, I didn’t think much more of this interaction until some four months later… when much to my surprise (and secret delight!),  some 24 cases of a couple of Domaine du Coulet’s Cornas turned up at the back door of 9 Church Street.

Fast forward some six years, and guess who I bump into somewhere in France?… and he even remembered my name!



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7oh5YyB7P0oBUxn26uHhBEv8V9LGkTmR5QbpU3g6sjIEdinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And he still remembers the day all that Cornas arrived at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar.


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  1. Eugene Mlynczyk says:

    Always an interesting interview Jamie (and windy, may I say!). What I appreciate here is the vigour with which you pronounce “Cornas” with the “s”. It is dastardly difficult for us non-French speakers to figure out what to say and not say, another example being “Gigondas” and so on, the Rhone rife with these. So keep us on course for proper French prounciation dear sir!

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