Bruce McAdams at TED UGuelph

A few years ago Bruce McAdams left a successful career as an executive at the Oliver & Bonacini restaurant group to become an academic at the hospitality school at the University of Guelph. Last year, McAdams gave a TED Talk, based on his research, called Rethink Tipping (it’s embedded below), which questioned the socio-economic usefulness of this North American habit.

On Monday, April 29, at Bruce McAdams will live up to his Twitter handle @rovingprofessor when he’ll host a forum on tipping at George Brown College in Toronto from 2 to 4PM. Joining him will be his colleague at Guelph, Mike von Massow. McAdams and von Massow have been gathering hard data on industry attitudes on tipping, Mcadams told me Wednesday over the phone, which they will release at the forum, which is free and open to all who are interested.

Joining them will be MPP Michael Prue, whose proposed private members bill on tipping is a hot topic in the hospitality industry and San Diego restaurateur Jay Porter, who imposed a no tipping policy at The Linkery, as well as chefs Chris Klugman from Piant Box and Yasser Qahawanish from Artisanale, as well as Carleton University researcher Lydia Dobson. The full program can be found by clicking here.

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