Malcolm Jolley talks to Tonia Wilson about her new book Beer At My Table.

I recently met with Tonia Wilson and she really did have a beer at my table. Or really, my kitchen counter, but Beer At My Table: Recipes, Beer Styles and Food Pairings is the name of her new book and I couldn’t resist. When I heard that Beer At My Table was coming out, I asked to see a copy right away since Wilson is about the most qualified epicure I know:

  1. She’s a trained chef who has represented Canada as Head Chef at both our embassy in Rome and our diplomatic mission to the European Union in Brussels;
  2. She’s a trained sommelier, accredited by L’Associazone Sommelier d’Italia, no less;
  3. She’s a profession food and drink writer for the LCBO’s award winning magazine Food & Drink; and
  4. She’s an accomplished food product developer who currently makes and markets her own line of artisanal mustard made with beer called Brü.

And now she’s a published author having conceived of and written this very informative, beautiful and fun book. Beer At My Table works as a reference on classic styles of beer, a how to on how to taste beer and pair those styles to complimentary foods, and a collection of seasonal recipes, each corresponding to a style of beer. I love the idea of picking up an interesting looking beer, coming home and looking up a suitable recipe to pair it with. Or, looking up which style of beer might work best with a kind of dish. I asked Tonia Wilson about what inspired her to write Beer At My Table and what she hopes readers will get from it in the video interview below.

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Beer At My Table is available in real life where good food books are sold and online at Indigo and Amazon.